Your Daily Dose of Asian Love :)

A collection of quotes from our beloved Asian dramas and animes. Feel free to add by submitting yours! :D

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If apologising really worked, nobody would go to hell after they die!
Gong Xi, Skip Beat

Love this song :)

Kumiko, you’ve taught us that the more trouble there is in a family, the happier we all become.
Oedo Yakuza Boss, Gokusen
There are no bad people. Only bad situations.
Yeowool, Gu Family Book
It doesn’t matter if we will meet again. It doesn’t matter if you will remember me. I just want to tell you a secret. I Love You.
Lu Xiaoyu, The Secret That Cannot Be Told

this is a surprisingly great movie! :D

I really wanted to change after I fell for him…at the same time I wonder why can’t he like me for who I am?
Eun Jae, Wild Romance
Just because you tape it back, does a picture that’s been cut once become uncut? It just becomes more tattered. If you retrieve your feelings, does it mean you never gave them? That’s a lie.
Im Me Ah Ri, A Gentleman’s Dignity
If there’s a destiny to meet someone, I bet there’s a destiny to break up too.
Jong Hee, Wild Romance